5G New Construction Accelerates The Development of Private Network Communications, The Public Network Can Open Up New Market Space?

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5G New Construction Accelerates The Development of Private Network Communications, The Public Network Can Open Up New Market Space?

In our daily life, we often see the police on duty and subway dispatchers wearing an intercom at work. Whenever something happens, press the switch to talk to colleagues in the headquarters or elsewhere. The communication network between walkie-talkies is called “private network communication”, which is generally used in specific industries or enterprises. Its users are mainly industrial users who have high requirements for network reliability and security, including governments, railways, subways, and airports. , Ports, power, petrochemical, mining, water conservancy, etc.

Although ordinary users seldom contact, whether it is the smooth holding of large-scale events, international events, or timely response to earthquakes, fires, and terrorist attacks, they cannot do without private network communication. It can even rescue lives in critical moments. And the characteristics of reliable performance, low cost, and customization make private networks have irreplaceable advantages in industry applications

However, it is worth noting that the evolution of private network technology is still relatively slow compared to the public network, and the arrival of the 5G era may change this form. Some experts said that in the 5G era, because 5G takes into account the needs of vertical industries from the overall system design, the situation of “private public network” will become more obvious. The 5G public network built by telecom operators can serve industry users very well through special technology; private network service providers can make full use of public network broadband wireless communication network resources to build necessary private network communication services on the public network And broadband-based services. From this perspective, the integration of public and private networks will better meet the needs of industry users and promote the industry to create a huge market

Relevant data show that the global private network market is about 10 billion to 20 billion US dollars, but the opportunity of the public network private market will expand more than 10 times. Industry users will increase their investment in the construction of their dedicated communication network and supporting terminals, software, services, etc., to ensure the operation of their dedicated network communication system. Therefore, the upgrade and transformation of existing private network communication networks based on 5G technology on a global scale will bring huge market space

Specifically, the traditional private network solves the problem of voice coverage, and focuses on converging communications under the background of “new infrastructure”. Public and private networks are interconnected, and information and video are interconnected. Intelligent public safety and emergency communications will be Bring a lot of business opportunities. At the same time, the “new infrastructure” pays more attention to to B and to C customers, and supports more scenarios and applications with the support of new technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. In addition, “new infrastructure” is an important driving force for economic growth, and capital support such as special bonds and special funds will also bring great increases.

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